It's all out war between the humans or androids in a struggle for supremacy. Take back control in a tactical turn-based strategy inspired by the classics. Welcome to the ultimate battle, commander.

Turn-based Tactics

Develop tactics and outwit your enemy or blast them to bits. System Siege is easy to learn, but will you be able to master it and leave your enemies in a trail of destruction behind you?

Choose Your Commander

Hardened by war, the commanders have their own unique personalities, abilities and play style. Whether you’re Val, Tony or Viktor, it’s time to win this war.

Online & Local Multiplayer

Destroy your friends from a distance or in the same room. Hunt down foes with Quick Play matches or create your own custom matches - the battle is in your hands.

With more still to come...

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Dev Update #1

Jul 20, 2018

As you may know, we launched System Siege in early access on the 12th of June; hopefully many of you have gotten your hands on it and played it a bit. We are committed to providing updates to the game to make it more enjoyable for you to play, but also so that we can see it reach a more finished state along the lines of what we originally envisioned.


Updated Attack Effects

By Lynden on Jun 15, 2018

System Siege early access has launched this week and is now available on Steam. Along with the launch, we have incorporated some new animated effects for our units. This post will be an overview of all the current attack animations in System Siege.


Buy System Siege Now On Steam!

Jun 12, 2018

It’s official, System Siege is now available to purchase on Steam!