Updated Attack Effects

By Lynden on Jun 15, 2018

System Siege early access has launched this week and is now available on Steam. Along with the launch, we have incorporated some new animated effects for our units. This post will be an overview of all the current attack animations in System Siege.


Creating Commander Expressions

By Lynden on Jun 8, 2018

The three current human commanders in System Siege are Valerie Winters, Viktor Bors and Tony Ortiz (shown left to right in the gif below). Each commander has a distinct personality and skill set. This post will cover the creation of the commander animated portraits and expressions.


Creating an Android Data Centre

By Lynden on Jun 1, 2018

The upcoming Android faction in System Siege has a unique set of units and buildings. One of these buildings is the data centre, which acts as a headquarter for the Androids. This post will cover the creation and animation of the Android data centre.


Creating the Campaign Map

By Lynden on May 25, 2018

The first map of System Siege is a large temperate island on the planet Atra. The island acts as a hub for the initial campaign missions and tutorials. This post will cover the creation of the island from a sketch to an animated map.


Creating Commander Images

By Lynden on May 18, 2018

The commanders in System Siege have unique abilities and personalities. Creating interesting character art was an important step in making these commanders come to life. This post will cover the selection and process of creating an illustration for a commander from start to finish.