Updated Attack Effects

By Lynden on Jun 15, 2018

System Siege early access has launched this week and is now available on Steam. Along with the launch, we have incorporated some new animated effects for our units. This post will be an overview of all the current attack animations in System Siege.


To begin, here is a look at the exo-soldier destroying a land-speeder. Although the Exo-Soldier is currently the weakest unit for attack damage, it still packs a punch. When an enemy unit is destroyed by the Exo-Soldier, it disappears in a series of small explosions.


Next, the LTV (Laser Target Vehicle) is shown below disintegrating a Heavy Tank. Aside from dealing a significant amount of damage, the LTV’s range offers it a strategic advantage in many battles.

Hover Tank

Below we can see the Hover Tank destroying a Heavy Tank. The Hover Tank is capable of inflicting a moderate amount of damage. As a result, it has a larger attack effect than the Exo-Soldier.

Heavy Tank

Finally, the Heavy Tank has the largest and most deadly attack. This durable late-game unit is can often change the tide of battle. The corresponding destruction animations is the largest as well.

To see more, check out some in game footage on our Youtube Channel or watch live on Twitch!

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