Creating Commander Expressions

By Lynden on Jun 8, 2018

The three current human commanders in System Siege are Valerie Winters, Viktor Bors and Tony Ortiz (shown left to right in the gif below). Each commander has a distinct personality and skill set. This post will cover the creation of the commander animated portraits and expressions.

To begin, each commander has a static portrait that represents their neutral expression:

These portraits are then given a subtle looping animation to add life and interest to the commanders:

In addition to the neutral portraits, 6 additional expressions are needed to compliment the commander interaction and dialogue. The additional expressions are shocked, angry, happy, sad, confused, and an excited ‘power ready’ expression:

Each expression is then given the same subtle animation treatment as the neutral portraits above. The end result is shown in the gif below:

To see more of Viktor, Tony and Val, check out some in game footage on our Youtube Channel or watch live on Twitch!

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