Creating Commander Images

By Lynden on May 18, 2018

The commanders in System Siege have unique abilities and personalities. Creating interesting character art was an important step in making these commanders come to life. This post will cover the selection and process of creating an illustration for a commander from start to finish.

The process starts by creating a number of rough concepts. The gif. below shows several initial roughs for potential commanders. Some of these concepts were either too generic or too far from the aesthetic we wanted for System Siege. One of the selected roughs was number 6, who soon became Val:

Once selected, Val’s rough needed some reworking. Below we can see that several steps to get from the rough to the final image. The first step was refining her initial concept. The addition of weathered armour and a cape made her seem more fitting as a commander. With the design decided, the next step is polishing the linework and adding shadows, highlights and colour. Val’s colours seemed to work best with muted reds and browns, contrasted by neon blue. With a few additional touch-ups and textures, Val’s image is complete:

For the android commander, the process is the similar. The main difference is that the androids represent a complete separate faction from the humans. Therefore, their design must be immediately discernible from their human counterparts. Below is a gif. of several rough concepts for an android commander. One can see that this idea of being different from human commanders was taken a bit too far in some of the designs and they appear more alien and odd than an android:

In terms of creating the final image, the process for this commander was the same as Val: The linework, shading and colour were all layered for the end result:

Below is a lineup of our 4 commanders to date:

To see the commanders in action, check out some in game footage on our Youtube Channel or watch live on Twitch!

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