Commander Profile: Viktor Bors

By Karol on Mar 9, 2018

Our last commander profile for our Early Access Launch, let me introduce… Viktor Bors!

Note: These profiles represent the commanders at the time of posting and may change in the future. I'll try my best to go back and update profiles as they change.

Viktor Bors

Viktor Bors

Base “Skill”: Slightly weaker attacks (-5% decrease)

Power: All units gain 5% damage and he receives additional MP (equal to how much he would receive at the start of next turn)

Personality: Knowledgeable and wise, but also very grim and intense.

Background: Viktor is a life long soldier who has seen his fair share of combat. He wears goggles due to his poor eyesight and has a prosethic arm due to a previous injury. He hates all androids and wants to annihilate them all.

Viktor is very intimidating. He has clearly gone through a lot and because of it he is very blunt. When Lynden came up with the first set of commander concepts, Viktor was the one that we all agreed looked like a badass, so we had to include him in the first round of commanders.

As we add more commanders to the game I’ll post more profiles, but until then you can read through our previous profiles on Tony and Val if you haven’t already.

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Thanks for reading!

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