Commander Profile: Valerie Winters

By Karol on Feb 9, 2018

In today’s commander profile, we will be introducing… Valerie Winters!

To read our previous profile on Tony Ortiz and what the terms “Base Skill” and “Power” mean, click here.

Note: These profiles represent the commanders at the time of posting and may change in the future. I'll try my best to go back and update profiles as they change.

Valerie (Val) Winters

Val Winters

Base Skill: Slightly more defence (+5% increase).

Power: All units can move an additional tile.

Personality: Keen listener and fast learner, Val is a natural leader.

Background: After graduating from University, Val joined the military to further her research in mathematical physics. Her speed in combat is unparalleled and noted across the galaxy.

Val is our starting female commander and is one to definitely watch out for. She’s very calculated and composed, and ALWAYS has a plan. If you’re not careful, she will destroy you.

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