Making the most of a Simple Animation: Part 2

By Lynden on Feb 23, 2018

As discussed in an earlier post, there are several ways to get the most out of a simple animation. This post will cover another technique in making a more complex and cohesive explosion out of simpler parts.

To begin, there is a simple sketch of an explosion animation:

By resizing and repeating this animation, we end up with a more exciting rough explosion:

With a few details added, we have the beginnings of an interesting explosion, although quite sloppy and jarring in its current rough form:

The silhouette of each frame is traced for a cleaner animation:

A flat colour is then added to each frame as a rough guide for the stages of the explosion:

Finally, each frame is individually painted to achieve the desired effect:

To see the rest of our assets, check out some in game footage on our Youtube Channel or watch live on Twitch!

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