Commander Profile: Tony Ortiz

By Karol on Jan 19, 2018

In System Siege you act as a different commanders to control your armies and complete your missions. Each commander has different abilities, so choosing the right commander for a mission is paramount.

Note: These profiles represent the commanders at the time of posting and may change in the future. I'll try my best to go back and update profiles as they change.

How Commanders Work

Each commander has different abilities or skills that dictates the commander’s strengths and weaknesses. For our current commanders the skills are percent increase/decrease to one of: movement, damage, or cost. We’re hoping to add more abilities as we add more commanders.

Then on top of each commander’s individual skills, they each have a power. These powers are a more extreme version of their base skills, and if used properly, can turn the tide of a game. Each time you engage in combat with another commander’s unit, your power level increases slightly (never quite gets over 9000 though). Then after a certain number of encounters, you can activate your commander’s power and reap the rewards. However, commander powers only last for one turn, and then your power level gets reset. So use them wisely!

Tony Ortiz

Tony Ortiz

Base Skill: Units are more powerful, but cost more manufacturing power (MP) to produce (+10% damage, +10% cost)

Power: Units do even more damage to opposing units (+25% damage)

Personality: A loud and outspoken guy, but is a little unsure of himself and his abilities.

Background: Before joining the military, Tony worked as a mechanic repairing Bots for the government. Due to his intricate knowledge of Bots, he quickly made his way up the ranks despite his brash personality. He was recently promoted to Major and is now responsible for commanding his own company.

Tony is our newbie commander that learns how to command with you, the player. Since he’s gone up the ranks so fast, he’s a little unsure of himself and kind of doesn’t believe he should be leading. So it will be interesting to see how his character grows throughout the game and how he will deal with the challenges before him.

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