The Land-Speeder

By Andrew on Jan 26, 2018

This week we’re taking a look at the Land-Speeder!

The Land-Speeder is the first transport unit in System Siege, meaning that it can carry an Exo-Soldier inside while moving around the map. Without their trusty Land-Speeder, an Exo-Soldier’s movement is fairly restricted, at just 3 spaces per turn.

The idle animation
with an Exo-Soldier on board

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The Land-Speeder doesn’t have any weapons, so it can’t attack other units.

That doesn’t mean that it’s useless in combat though! It’s actually fairly useful as a blocker, because units can’t move through enemies. So, if you park a Land-Speeder in the way of an enemy unit, that unit will have to destroy the Land-Speeder before getting where it needs to go, meaning you’ve neutralized it for at least one turn.

Blocking an enemy Hover-Tank at the pass
the Hover-Tank has to clear the way first to get through


As the name suggests, Land-Speeders are fast.

At 7 spaces of movement per turn, they’re the fastest unit in the game.

Gotta go fast

However, because Land-Speeders hover off the ground, they have difficulty travelling through Forest tiles (their movement is effectively reduced by 1 additional space for each Forest tile they pass through), and they can’t travel through Mountain or River tiles at all.

Load Mechanic

Land-Speeders can hold one Exo-Soldier, allowing them to be quickly transported around the map.

Just move an Exo-Soldier onto the same tile, and you’ll have the option to load it up. If the Land-Speeder hasn’t moved yet, you can move it on the same turn that it was loaded.

Once you’ve got the Land-Speeder in position, you just choose the “Unload” action instead of “Confirm”, and you’ll be able to drop your Exo-Soldier in any of the neighbouring spaces.

Loading and unloading an Exo-Soldier

Theoretically, you could move the Exo-Solder 3 spaces to reach it, then move the Land-Speeder another 7 spaces, and then finally you could unload onto a neighbouring tile, all on the same turn. This means, with a Land-Speeder, you can move an Exo-Soldier up to a maximum of 11 spaces in a single turn!


That’s all I’ve got for the deceptively useful Land-Speeder unit.

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