The Exo-Soldier

By Andrew on Dec 15, 2017

The Exo-Soldier is probably the most important unit in System Siege, because it’s the only unit that can capture buildings.

The Exo-Soldier

This post is the fourth in a series covering units in System Siege.

Previous posts have featured the Shield Generator, the Hover Tank and the LTV.

The GIFs in the Shield Generator post are quite old, so they don’t have any art (yet) from Lynden Joudrey.

Capturing Buildings

Before each of your turns, you get 1 Manufacturing Power for each building that you own (whether its a Headquarters, an Armoury or a City). Since Manufacturing Power is used to buy more units, its critical that you’re quick to capture as many buildings as you can.

Capturing a City

Capturing a building takes two turns with an Exo-Soldier that has full health.

First, you have to move your Exo-Soldier over the building and choose “Capture” when the option comes up. This will reduce the building’s resistance by an amount equal to your Exo-Soldier’s health. Buildings start with 200 resistance so, when capturing with a unit at full health, the resistance will be reduced to 100. On your next turn, you just want to click on the Exo-Soldier, then on the building and finally choose “Capture” again.

If an Exo-Soldier moves off of a building, then the building’s resistance is restored back to 200. So you want to be sure that you can finish capturing before you start.

Exo-Soldiers become a good target, not just because they’re useful for capturing, but also because reducing their health by any amount will increase the number of turns it takes them to capture buildings. So, even just damaging it a little bit can be quite useful.


Exo-Soldiers aren’t the strongest units out there. They only deal 60% base damage to each other, and 10% base damage against a Heavy Tank. And they’re destroyed in a single attack by either an LTV or Heavy Tank.

Attacking Another Exo-Soldier

Here’s the complete damage break-down:

Unit Dealt Received
Exo-Soldier 60% 60%
Shield Generator 50% 0%
Land Speeder 35% 0%
Hover Tank 25% 75%
Laser Target Vehicle 25% 110%
Heavy Tank 10% 100%

As you can see, they’re not super combat-focused, and are mostly useful for capturing.


Any unit in System Siege can be combined with another unit of the same type, as long as both units belong to the same Commander.

Combining units basically just means that one unit is sacrificed so that their health total can be added to another unit. It’s one of only two ways to heal a unit (the other is by ending a unit’s turn on one of your buildings).

Combining Two Exo-Soldiers

Combining is an ability that’s available to all units, but it can be quite useful for Exo-Soldiers in particular.

It seems like it’s common for Exo-Soldiers to take a bit of damage while capturing, but be left alive, either because you retreat to safety, or because your opponent has bigger fish to fry. Either way, once your Exo-Soldier’s safe, you probably want to patch them up a bit.

Movement and Cost

The Exo-Soldier’s movement is fairly limited, at only three spaces per turn.

This is because the Exo-Soldier is very cheap (only costing 1 Manufacturing Power) and very useful for capturing. If they could also move far (or if they were more useful in combat), then they would just be too strong of a unit.

The other key reason for their limited movement, is that it requires more strategy to get them into position for a capture, since you can’t be assured of an easy escape. If an enemy gets in range of attack, then they can stay in range, by following your retreat, if they want to.


Thanks for reading about the Exo-Soldier!

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