By Andrew on Nov 24, 2017

This week’s devlog features the Laser Target Vehicle!

The LTV (Laser Target Vehicle)

This post is the third in a series covering units in System Siege. The first post covered the Shield Generator and the second was on the Hover Tank.

Note that the GIFs in the Shield Generator post need to be updated. Which is interesting if you want to see what things looked like before we got the new art from Lynden Joudrey in the game.


The LTV’s a strong unit. It can deal 55 damage to a Hover Tank in a single attack!

That might actually be too strong, so the LTV will probably either cost more, do less damage, or have some other tuning before launch. Although, the LTV’s already a relatively expensive unit, costing 7 Manufacturing Power to produce. For reference, a Hover Tank is less, at 5MP, and only the Heavy Tank costs more, at 11MP.

The LTV can pack a hefty punch

The main thing about the LTV is that it’s the only ranged (or indirect attack) unit so far (we’ll be adding more units down the road, after we’ve balanced this set).

The LTV has an attack range of between two and four spaces, so it has to be at least one space away from an enemy unit to attack. That means that if you leave the LTV alone without backup, someone could get free attacks in against it by moving their direct attack unit to a neighbouring space.

Here’s the full damage breakdown for the LTV (yep, it’s beefy):

Unit Damage Dealt Damage Taken
Exo-Soldier 110% 25%
Shield Generator 75% n/a
Land Speeder 65% n/a
Hover Tank 55% 50%
Laser Target Vehicle 55% 55%
Heavy Tank 35% 70%

Deployment Mechanic

The interesting thing about the LTV is that you need to deploy it before you can attack. Just as the Shield Generator needs to be deployed before it generates a shield, the LTV needs to be deployed before its laser can target an enemy.

So you can’t move the LTV into position and attack with it on the same turn. Instead, you have to use one turn to move into position and deploy, and then on the next turn you can attack.

Once the LTV’s deployed, it can’t move. All it can do is either attack or mobilize, and mobilizing the LTV takes a turn. So, to move back to safety, the LTV needs to mobilize on one turn and move on the next.

"I'm in a glass case of emotion!"
Ron Burgundy

The deployment mechanic means that the LTV can’t just move in quick for an incisive attack. Instead, you have to strategize and be careful around getting it into position, making sure that the right enemy units are in range, and not exposing it to being flanked or blocked in.

The tradeoff for that strategy is strong though, as the LTV’s a heavy-hitter once it’s deployed and ready to attack.


The LTV can move four spaces in a turn, which is roughly mid-range movement.

Getting ready to attack!

Four spaces doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you consider that the attack range is also four spaces, it’s actually pretty decent. For reference, the Heavy Tank can move five spaces and the Hover Tank can move six, while the Exo-Soldier can move just three spaces in a turn.


Well, that’s the LTV. Thanks for reading!

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