The Hover Tank

By Andrew on Nov 10, 2017

Today’s post is all about the Hover Tank, and showing off some sweet artwork from Lynden Joudrey!

The idle animation

The Hover Tank is a workhorse. It deals a fair bit of damage, it can move pretty far, and it’s not too expensive. That’s about it though – it can’t capture buildings or transport units, and it can only attack units directly (it has to be right next to another unit to attack).

So, what kind of damage are we talking about? Well, it’s pretty decent.

Here’s what the damage chart looks like for our current version of the Hover Tank:

Unit Damage
Exo-Soldier 80%
Shield Generator 60%
Land Speeder 50%
Hover Tank 40%
Laser Target Vehicle 40%
Heavy Tank 30%

In the current version of the game, if a Hover Tank attacked an Exo-Soldier (while both units were unshielded and on grass tiles), the Exo-Soldier would take 84 points of damage and the Hover Tank would take just 3 points. System Siege’s damage formula will probably change as we balance the game, but right now Hover Tanks can plow through quite a few Exo-Soldiers before they’re in any real danger.


The other area where the Hover Tank shines is in movement. Currently, the Hover Tank has the 2nd highest movement range of any unit, at 6 tiles per turn, which is quite far. If you need to get into an area quickly, the Hover Tank’s your friend. It’s even faster than the Heavy Tank, so it’s not like the Heavy Tank is straight-up better than the Hover Tank – it’s a bit of a tradeoff, depending on your strategy and the situation at hand.

Unit Movement
Exo-Soldier 3
Shield Generator 5
Land Speeder 7
Hover Tank 6
Laser Target Vehicle 4
Heavy Tank 5

That’s the Hover Tank!

It’s a pretty nice little unit, and I think it looks pretty sweet too (nice job Lynden!).

In the build menu

We’ve got quite a bit of artwork in-game now, and Lynden’s working on animating units. Hopefully we’ll be showing off some actual gameplay soon! For now, if you want to see more updates like this one, or if you just want to drop us a line, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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